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Our Approach

Offering SAT Prep and Private Tutoring Services in Sugar Land, TX

IQ Learning has achieved outstanding results for students through our unique approach to test prep and tutoring. Our aim is to help students understand the concepts of subjects, such as math, science, algebra, and pre-calculus, so that they can apply this knowledge to test questions.
Forget cramming and endless memorization. Our approach emphasizes developing an understanding of the fundamentals that will help them learn and apply more advanced concepts. If you have any questions about our approach, please feel free to get in touch with us!


So what does our tutoring service look like? There are 3 steps we follow to help our students achieve excellence, which include an assessment test, teaching the fundamentals, and teaching test-taking skills. Each tutoring session is for 2 hours and a student must attend at least one session a week for a month. Packages are available for 8, 24, 48, 72 or more hours. Each session is for 2 hours. The longer the package, the less the per hour rate. The sessions are conducted through lectures, homework help, and practice worksheets. The student may choose either a one-on-one session, where each student is assigned to one tutor, or they may choose to study in a group not exceeding 3 – 4 students for middle and high school levels. Each student receives full individual attention, even during group sessions.

Step 1

Assessment Test

Prospective students take our Assessment Test, which is uniquely designed for every level. We analyze the results to understand the students’ specific weaknesses and strengths. 
Based on the results of the Assessment Test and a follow-up discussion with the child and the parents, we customize the steps that follow.


Teach the Fundamentals

We have often found that students lack specific core skills required to quickly grasp the material presented in their classes. Whether this means going back and reviewing previously covered material, approaching core concepts from a new angle to make the material easily comprehensible or some other strategy, we begin by addressing these shortcomings.
We then go through the material the student is covering in class and then often move ahead of the class. We have found that once our students have a solid foundation, the pace at which they learn is significantly faster than the class’ pace in schools.
As a result, our students often are far ahead of their peers in a short amount of time. Our trained tutors adapt to students’ learning styles so that the time spent at IQ Learning is used most efficiently.

Step 3

Teach the Test-Taking Skills 

We also understand that taking both school subject tests and standardized tests requires a specific skill set and savvy. We teach our students how to approach tests in the most efficient manner possible and how to manage their time properly.
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