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IQ Testimonials

One-On-One Learning with Private Tutors in Sugar Land, TX

Since 2011, our tutors at IQ Learning have been dedicated to helping each student that walks through our doors to tackle their academic weaknesses and recognize their potential.
After a diagnostic assessment of a child’s ability, we develop an individualized plan for their success. Read on below to discover how we’ve kept our promise of empowering students with quality education.
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The unique one-on-one relationship between tutor and student fostered by IQ Learning allows for a type of personal academic mentorship that provides the driving force behind honing students’ ability and desire to work hard, study smart, and ultimately achieve whatever goals they set for themselves. As a tutor at IQ Learning, I have the opportunity to do more than teach routine facts to students across all grade levels.
IQ Learning tutors come from rigorous educational programs and bring with them a sophisticated understanding of local high schools' curricula. Students work one-on-one with a mentor who understands exactly what areas need to be addressed. IQ Learning’s carefully-vetted educational materials ensure that all students walk away not only with new answers, but with analytical tools that provide them with a solid foundation for deeper learning in the future.
Tutor: Misha Chada, University of Texas, Austin
IQ Learning has enhanced my pre-calculus skills and helped boost my confidence level. I am very confident in Calculus at school now. I wish that I had joined IQ Learning earlier. Mr. Sugoto is the Best!
Student at Seven Lakes High School (Grades/Scores went up from 80 to 94 after 2 months at IQ Learning; Tutored in Pre-Calculus and Calculus)
The Summer Vacation Physics Advancement Course at IQ Learning helped us stay ahead in school.
Students from Dulles High School – Math and Science Academy (Attended the Summer Physics Course at IQ Learning)
IQ Learning is very helpful for those high school students who want to be ahead. It is much easier to understand a course in school after doing it once at IQ Learning. The Home-Work Help is also great at IQ Learning. I gained a lot of self-confidence after coming to IQ Learning.
Student from Dulles High School – Math & Science Academy (Tutored in Algebra-2, Physics; Grades went up from B+ to A/A+) 
I learned a lot from this institution (IQ Learning). It has helped me gain higher SAT scores. I have also improved in my writing abilities.
Student from Austin High School (Tutored in SAT prep and Pre-Calculus) 
IQ Learning has changed my perspective on studying. I always struggled in Math earlier. After coming to IQ Learning, I actually look forward to going to the Math class. I learned simple methods that are easy to remember. Now I am an A+ student in Math in my class.
3rd yr college student – University of Houston (Tutored in Algebra & Pre-calculus) 
The teachers at IQ Learning are very good at teaching the subject they do. My grades went up from just 90s to a 100 in both English and Math that I was doing at IQ Learning. That was because of the teachers. They explained things very well. It was very interesting.
Tutored in Math, English (Sugar Land Middle School) 
When I first came into the IQ Learning center, I did not really know what to expect. But I can now officially say that if you want some very good, professional instruction in any subject related to mathematics, you need to come here. Now believe me when I say that, it ain't all peaches and rainbows. You have to work hard at IQ for the results you want. … I most definitely recommend IQ Learning for anyone struggling in a math related subject(s), and for any math whizzes out there, looking for a job.
Student from Dulles High School (Tutored in Pre-Calculus) 
When I first came in to IQ Learning center I was scoring 85 to 91. After joining IQ Learning, my grades have boosted up to the high 80s to the middle 90s. I personally recommend IQ Learning to anyone who has low grades, or just people who need help on homework. IQ Learning does good tutoring with any subject but math and science are their best. IQ Learning is the best.
Student from Dulles High School (Tutored in Math and Science)
We are very happy with the progress Shruti has made since the time she started at IQ Learning. She was scoring B's in English and math before joining IQL. Now she is a consistently straight A student in both those subjects. Dr. Sugoto Chakravarty has developed an excellent curriculum and teaching method at IQ Learning. I have recommended, and would continue recommending him to parents who are looking for their kids to take that next extra step.
Parents of Student - Grade 6, Spillane Middle School, Cypress, TX
My Physics grades showed a dramatic improvement from a B (85) to an A (94) within a few weeks after joining IQ Learning. The teaching is very effective. If I could not understand a concept the first time, the tutor explained it in many different ways. I highly recommend IQ Learning.
Student from Dulles High School (Tutored in Pre-AP Physics) 
Within a few months after joining IQ Learning, my Physics grades went up from 85 to 91 and my Algebra-2 grades went up from 86 to 89/90. My tutor at IQ Learning is very good in the subject. He teaches very well. He tries several methods to explain the concepts to me. He persists until I understand the topic. He is very affable and friendly - Fun to talk to. I strongly recommend IQ Learning for High School Physics and Math needs.
Student. (Tutored in Physics, Algebra-2 at IQ Learning) Dulles High School – Math & Science Academy
The teams at IQ Learning have been very supportive of my son Tony's goals. They keep him on track and help him develop his skills. This is a one-on-one type tutoring with a very skilled staff. Very good communication with the parents on what needs to be followed up at home.
(Student's grades/Scores went up from 74 to 85 after 3 months at IQ Learning; Tutored in Math)
​Stephanie Saa - Mom of Student: Austin Parkway Elementary school; 5th Grade
The IQ Learning program has proved to be quite effective and beneficial. The tutors and the management are committed to students' improved performance. It has been worth the investment.
Parents of student
​(student's grades/Scores went up from C to B+ after 2 months at IQ Learning; Tutored in Algebra-1) 9th grade, Dulles High School
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