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Students are becoming increasingly more competitive. Getting into colleges of your choice is becoming more challenging. Relax! Sugar Land has IQ Learning, an elite, independently owned tutoring center that is dedicated to preparing students to succeed at every academic level.
Located at 3685 South Hwy. 6, IQ has the best tutors to work with students, grades 4 through 12 and to College undergraduate level. It is open six days every week including weekends, with timings that suit most students.
IQ Learning is what a tutoring place should be. Tutors work with individual students, or in small groups of 4 or less students. Such a low teacher-to-students ratio leads to highly personalized interactions between the tutors and the students.
The focus of the tutors is to raise the students’ levels so that they score to their full potential in any academic situation.
“We are very happy with the progress my daughter has made since she started at IQL…..They have developed an excellent curriculum and teaching method…I have and would always recommend IQ…,” said a parent. The student was barely making B’s when she joined but after a few months, she started consistently scoring As.
More than eighty percent of high school students have improved their grades from a B-/C to B+/A after 24 sessions of tutoring at IQ Leaning. Those numbers were 90 percent and 95 percent for middle school and elementary school, respectively. SAT scores increased by at least 300 points for most of the students. In fact, one student who was stuck on scores around 1500 when he joined IQ, scored 1580 in the actual SAT test that he took after completing the IQ course.
IQ’s philosophy is based on empowering students by building strong educational foundations and focusing on students’ success. That success leads to family satisfaction that will ultimately benefit the community, state and the nation. IQ has programs for every student, the star performers as well as those who are aspiring to reach those levels.
“The teachers at IQ Learning are very good at teaching the subjects they do,” said Hemant, a former student at Sugar Land Middle School. “My grades went up from just 90s to a 100 in both English and Math...that was because of the teachers. They explained things very well. It was very interesting.”
Maximum success isn’t a catch phrase at IQ. It is a philosophy, and one that is proven day after day.
Students first take an Assessment test that highlights the students’ strengths and weaknesses. The students start with the fundamentals, then build their skills gradually with personally-tailored academic programs that fit their needs and goals. The programs take care that the students first become comfortable with their school curriculum and then move ahead through intense practice sessions using in-house developed course material.
IQ focuses on Math, Science and ELA (Grammar, Reading, Writing and Editing) for Elementary and Middle School students, and both regular and AP-level Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), and Math (Geometry, Algebra -1 and 2, Pre- Calculus, Calculus AB and BC), for high school students. All IQ courses and programs not only meet the Texas Board requirements but also exceed them.
The elementary students have the opportunity to prep for the GT (Gifted and Talented) Program Tests conducted by Texas State. IQ Learning has produced several GT students after training at the Center.
An outstanding feature at IQ Learning is their SAT/ACT Test Prep program. A successful score on that test can lead to top-level courses, which will put them on the fast track to a good college.
The difference between a great SAT/ACT score and a good one can determine whether a student is accepted into a prestigious university and how much scholarship money that student is awarded.
IQ Learning’s Test prep involves an intense program where students learn why they’re choosing their answers. Tutors provide thorough analysis of the student’s strengths and weaknesses, review individual practice tests with them and provide direction for their next set of practice tests and essays. IQ Learning strives to put its students ahead of the curve. For more details, visit