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Frequently Asked Questions About Our SAT Prep AND Tutoring Services

Our professional tutoring service has benefited students from elementary school to those preparing for college , and College Undergraduates.
At IQ Learning, our programs prepare students for their current and proceeding levels of education by first mastering the fundamentals, then advancing onward to more challenging concepts.
Wndering about our services and programs? Check out some of our frequently asked questions below or give us a call with further inquiries!

Q. My friends look down upon me if I tell them that I go for tutoring. Is tutoring necessary?

A. There is nothing wrong with seeking professional help. Even Olympic champions often need personal trainers. Similarly, students need supervised personal guidance if they want to realize their full academic potential. Seeking help from professional teachers and tutors is the best way to progress in studies.

Q. There is a general perception that tutoring is meant only for students who are struggling in studies. Is that a correct perception?

A. No, that is not correct. While tutoring may be more needed for students who are not meeting their own expectations in studies, it is also highly recommended for students who want to get ahead of the class. Professional tutors and teachers can indeed challenge even the best students in order to make them learn how to race ahead of the class and remain there.

Q. How does IQ learning help in correcting this perception?

A. IQ Learning has programs for every student. The emphasis is on building the fundamentals first. We have developed a unique 3-point approach, called the IEE (Identify, Eliminate and Enhance) approach, to help students achieve their full academic potential. The first point is an Assessment Test that clearly identifies the weaknesses of the students. The next step is to eliminate the weaknesses by strengthening the fundamentals. The third step is to enhance the subject-specific skills and motivate the students to take the leap ahead. This approach helps every student regardless of his academic standing.

Q. Does this approach directly help the students in their school studies?

A. Yes. All of the material that is taught and tutored at IQ Learning is aligned with the Texas School Board curricula and requirements. Therefore, through the IEE approach at IQ Learning, the student is well prepared to realize his academic potential at school and outside.

Q. How long does it take the students to see improvements in their school grades after joining IQ Learning?

A. There is no way to predict the time span. Some of our students have shown significant improvements in less than 24 hours of regular attendance at IQ Learning while some others have needed 72 hours or more to show marked improvements in their school grades. IQ Learning recommends at least 24 hours of regular attendance to see significant improvements in academic grades of the students.

Q. How does IQ Learning help academically gifted students?

A. Academically gifted students usually love to be challenged in their studies. IQ Learning offers Advancement Courses that truly challenge the motivated students. These courses are designed to propel the students ahead of their class. At present, IQ Learning is offering Advancement Courses in Physics, Pre-Calculus and Calculus for high school students. Students who have completed these courses have reported that the courses have greatly improved their foundations and helped them stay ahead of their classes.

Q. What about the Test Preps? Does IQ learning offer Test Prep programs?

A. Yes. IQ Learning offers great Test Prep programs for SAT, ACT, Texas State mandated STAAR/TAKS, and the Gifted and Talented (GT) tests.

Q. What is so unique about the Test Preps offered by IQ Learning?

A. All of our Test Prep programs follow IQ Learning’s IEE approach - Identify the weaknesses and the strengths of the students, Eliminate the weaknesses and Enhance the relevant skills.

Q. How does the IEE approach help in the College Prep exams such as the SAT and the ACT?

A. SAT and ACT are very important for college entrance. Most students who take the SAT for the first time are often clueless on how to score well in these exams. Many of these students are doing well in their school math courses, but they are unable to put their skills together when it comes to solving the SAT problems. Through the IEE approach, IQ Learning first identifies the weaknesses in the fundamental concepts of the students, then eliminates those weaknesses, and, finally, enhances their test-taking skills.

Q. We want to know more about the details of the SAT/ACT exam prep at IQ Learning.

A. The students first take an Assessment Test through which IQ Learning identifies the students’ weaknesses in the fundamental concepts, and in test-taking skills. The program then takes the students through a series of sessions consisting of lectures, supervised practice worksheets, and practice SAT tests to eliminate the weaknesses and improve upon the test-taking skills. The entire program lasts 48 hours and includes three SAT tests, one at the beginning of the program, one during the middle of the program and the last one at the end.

Q. How many students are there in each group session and how long is each session?

A. The group sizes never exceed 4 students. As a result, every student gets individual attention. Each session is very intense but optimally designed to last only 2 hours; enough for the students to absorb everything without being exhausted.

Q. Has the program shown improvements in the SAT scores for students?

A. Some of the students joined the IQ Learning SAT program after taking the actual College Board administered SAT tests. Most of them had attended other SAT training centers before taking the College Board tests. After attending the IQ Learning program, their scores have shown significant improvements. Most importantly, all the students unequivocally expressed that they felt more confident than ever before in taking the SAT. 

Q. Students have to do a lot of homework from their regular school. Will they be able to cope up with the extra effort at IQ Learning?

A. IQ Learning tutors make every effort to complete all the work during the class sessions. However, it may sometimes become necessary to ask students to complete some of the work at home. Students are given enough time to complete such work.​

Q. What programs does IQ Learning offer for middle school and elementary school students?

A. The elementary and the middle school levels are the most important for early building of the academic foundations of the students. Each level must prepare the students well for the next one. IQ Learning strives to build the academic foundations of the elementary and middle school students. Students of 4th grade and above may join IQ Learning. For the elementary students, we offer programs in Math, English and Science.

Q. What is unique about the IQ Learning programs for elementary and middle school?

A. IQ Learning programs for the elementary school (ES) and the middle school (MS) are very flexible. They are divided into several levels of complexity, and a student may complete any level depending on his performance at IQ Learning. For example, a 5th grade student may become eligible to complete a level more suited for a 6th grader if the student shows consistently good performance and motivation. The aim of the programs is to prepare the students for the next higher level in the subject.

Q. Any success stories of students at IQ Learning?

A. Most students who have joined IQ Learning have stayed on for long periods, sometimes more than a year. Almost all the students who have gone through our training have reported doing very well in their school studies. See the Testimonials.
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